Wednesday, November 25, 2015

From the Field: new projects arising!

We have two new Passive projects in construction now, "Acorn Glaede" in Downers Grove, and a not-yet-named house in Hinsdale. They both started in the summer; Downers is a slab-on-grade, but Hinsdale has a full basement. Here are some compare-and-contrast images, starting with Hinsdale (we didn't get to the site before framing started):
on PHIUS tour--basement at Hinsdale; note 8" EPS outside exposed concrete foundation

The Architect considers the foundation-wall joint

2x6 framing with Zip sheathing as airtight layer, 5.25" EPS outboard, flush with exterior face of 2x12 bucks

South facade--seen from alley, garage to left begun

From northwest

East facade--the "modern farmhouse" look taking shape

Using Rosboro X-Beams: no-added formaldehyde glulams
Now for Downers Grove:

Frost-depth foundation with 8" exterior, 4" interior EPS; note separation of exterior porch with insulation--no thermal bridge

Closeup of corner

Slab poured, StegoWrap in place

Tom with initial color studies for prefinished color-mix on LP SmartSide siding

Walls going up! 2x6 wall framing; note 2x12 bucks at openings, like Hinsdale...a favorite detail

Second floor walls--that oak tree behind was a major driver of plan layout

View from Living Room through south windows to the other great oak tree

With owner and her parents...

Big bucks on the east wall

Capped out before the cold hit!

That's it for now--more to come as these get enclosed and finished!